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Friday, May 20, 2011

BIG NEWS! And a celebratory ticket giveaway to the Fillmore to see The Fray

Always More to Hear is officially a business! My aunt and I went down to City Hall this morning and I filled out the paperwork, which was surprisingly painless. AND, I've been given some some tickets for the Jim Beam Live Music Series to giveaway for the Fray at the Fillmore next Friday May 27th as a celebration!

(These two events are completely unrelated, it's just good timing.)

Making Always More to Hear into a music consultancy business just makes sense considering that all of the work that I'm doing right now is contractual. I'm getting the opportunity to keep my fingers and toes in several pots at the same time, which I really like. So we'll see where it all goes!

(My goal: I'll know I've made it when someone hires me to do the Music Direction for a film. Not kidding, coolest job EVER!)

Anyway, about this giveaway:
If you'd like a pair of tickets to see the Fray at the Fillmore in San Francisco on Friday May 27th, email me at alwaysmoretohear[at] They've given me six tickets to give away! You must be 21+ to win.

If you're interested, check out this link to the Live Music Series, whether or not you can attend the show or not. There's an interview with the Fray, ways to download tracks from any of the Jim Beam shows, and some other tidbits.

Other artists in the series and playing all over the country are Kid Rock , Bob Schneider , Cold War Kids , Tedeschi Trucks Band , The Fray, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals , The Hold Steady , Manchester Orchestra , O.A.R. and Richard Ashcroft .


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Greg Laswell finally gets to rock out with a 5-piece band, and the catalyst to starting this blog in the first place

Greg Laswell holds a special place in my musical being. He was the first post on this blog.

It was a lonely September evening when I went to see Greg Laswell by myself at Cafe du Nord in 2008. But it was there that I decided to go home and actually start writing. I had been thinking about it for awhile, but there was something about discovering this musician and seeing him play live that actually convinced me to do it.

So thanks, Greg.

I'm super excited to see him play with a 5-piece band on a bigger stage. The energy of his music calls for more sound, and somehow the two and three piece groups I've seen him with always left me a tad disappointed.

READ THE PREVIEW OF THE THIS SHOW at the Independent next Wednesday HERE

Please click through, even if you don't read it, I get a penny every time you go to my Examiner articles! MAKE ME RICH!! lol. I don't have a day job anymore!!

And for those of you not in the Bay Area check out his tour dates here, he'll be heading through the Midwest, East Coast and Canada in the next month or so.

And stay tuned for photos and review from a fellow Examiner Amber Gregory.

Watch Greg try to sing backwards (to make it look like he's singing forwards) while people destroy the set in the background.

Greg Laswell Featuring Ingrid Michaelson "Take Everything" HD from OTTO ARSENAULT on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

To my readers (and a CD giveaway)


I have a question for you all:
What do I need to do to get you all to start talking back at me? This question is not meant to be a Geeez-why-won't-you-comment thing, but more of a blogger trying to figure out how to make the most of her blog and getting it to be a more interactive place where we can talk about music, which is sort of the whole point...

My posts have not been super interactive and I don't necessarily want to completely change how I do things, but I'd like to try posting more material that will inspire you to share YOUR opinions and YOUR experiences. I know many of you personally, and I think there are folks who read this blog that have found Always More to Hear searching the net I've never met. I would love to hear from all of you! Please introduce yourself!

So I'm going to try some different things and see what works.

I've got some CDs to give away. I'm not sure what they are yet (CDs from my collection and/or mixes), but I'll figure something out. I'll randomly pick a couple folks and send you something.

Tell me: what are you listening to right now and why do you like it?

Maybe post some links so that we can listen?

I'm listening to a Doo-wop box set I bought at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back when I was magically stuck in Cleveland last summer. My friend and former classmate Kathryn works there, so I spent the morning poking around. Doo-wop great driving music and just fun to listen to.

There's stuff on there that shows up on the "Stand By Me" soundtrack, like this gem by The Fleetwoods - "Come Softly to Me"

Thursday, August 12, 2010

In honor of my 420 facebook followers

I noticed today that I have 420 facebook followers on Networked Blogs. I have no idea who most of these people are, but thank you for your support!

Even though my Dad will read this (hi Dad!) I couldn't resist the urge to post some music to go along with this momentous occasion.

Enjoy! Happy Thursday.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Music blog love: Unbounded Song

Last week I randomly came across the music blog Unbounded Song and I'm really excited about it. The premise is that the blog will eventually feature one song from each country in the world, roughly 196 of them.

The details on who is publishing this blog are non-existent other than his name is Dylan. But one thing is for sure, I trust Dylan's taste in music. That sentiment really boils down any music blog: with all the music blogs out there, what keeps you coming back? What keeps you coming back to mine? I hope it's because you trust me and my taste in music!

Each song on Unbounded Song as been fan-fricken-tastic so far.

The actual text posts are short and to the point, which I appreciate.

The song I'm in love with right now is the Polish entry: "At My Mothers" by Warsaw Village Band. This is the kind of music I want to crawl up inside. You know that feeling? When you just want to get up in it? I have no other way of describing it.

Check out this blog if you like music from around the world. There's some good stuff coming at you.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Business Card!

Check out the new business card from PsPrint! Sorry it's a little blurry.

Thank you to Dina Maccabee for helping with the design the card and to Jemal Diamond (the new Papa!) for the awesome logo!

Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm syndicated at Hear it Local!

I have the pleasure to announce that Always More to Hear has been syndicated on the San Francisco site of Hear it Local. They have asked a handful of local music bloggers to be involved, and I'm flattered to have been included.

Check it out! And if you're in the Bay Area (or the Twin Cities or Boston where the site also exists), please become a member and enter your favorite bands, venues, organizations, etc. And add me as a "friend." Hear it Local is a one stop shop for local music scenes and can be described as a yelp for music, sort of an aggregator of all the resources out there.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


What do you think? I'm still playing around with it, but I think blogspot's upgrades and my new logo (thanks Jemal!) fit my needs perfectly.

Find the new facebook fan page here. But don't bother if you follow the blog another way. I don't want to overdo it with the post alerts.

There are more exciting things to come for Always More to Hear. Stay tuned!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Where's Jamie at the SF First Aid Kit show?

This is funny: A couple weeks ago First Aid Kit played the bottom of the Hill in San Francisco. Joanna and Clara took a picture with the crowd (look all all the hipsters!) and I figured I was too short to be seen in anything. But there I am! Can you find me?? (Double click the photo to enlarge.)

Click here to read the email interview I did with Joanna.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New logo!

Hey ya'll! My friend Jemal over at the Jemal Show created a new logo for this blog! I'm in the process of revamping the whole page and will save the whole thing for it's unveiling, but I wanted to show you part of it!

It's super simple, but I think it encapsulates what my blog is about.

Woohoo! So cute!

You'll find this music note globe is also on my twitter account AND I've created a fanpage for my blog as well. I figure most of you don't need another way to follow the blog, but if you want to, please become a fan of Always More to Hear on facebook!

Friday, April 2, 2010

300 followers on facebook!

Always More to Hear has 300 followers on facebook!

THANK YOU FOR READING! AND THANK YOU FOR LISTENING!! You guys are the reason I do this, and I thank you.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

New blog logo idea...

Hey there! So I am gearing up to make this blog new and snazzy. My fabulous friend Jemal has been working on a logo for me... what do you think??? Please be honest!

This isn't necessarily the final product, but it's getting close.

The globe/music note will be my new twitter and facebook (fanpage soon to come) logo.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Being critic when you don't like a show, how to review?

If you read this blog in any sort of regular way, you've probably noticed that I gush, a lot, about the different types of music that move me. As a blogger I can write about whatever I want, even with I scope out the music world and see what's worth sharing with you. I look at the calendar see what looks interesting to me.

Because I'm not being assigned stories by an editor, I usually choose to write about things I already like. Makes sense right? I'm not doing this for a ton of cash (long way off there) so of course I'm going to write about things I will be able to say nice things about. Even if there are elements I don't like, I can usually stress the parts that were good over everything else. Some have called this "sugarcoating," fine, I can live with that.

But what happens when I really can't think of anything nice to say, and I really don't recommend that people go spend their money on it. It's certainly my responsibility to say it, even if I feel bad about it. If I never wrote anything bad ever, why would anyone trust my opinions? I end up feeling bad because the artists usually give me free tickets which even after a year of writing I'm getting used to, but then I feel guilty for saying bad things. Well, this is when being a critic and journalist (a term I'm still getting used to when referring to myself) is all about. So, I say "bring it." I can take it. It's good for me!

So, I just saw this musical called Mahalia: a Gospel Musical over the weekend. It was, well, very disappointing. I mean, I LOVE gospel music. I wrote a freaking 100 page master's report on the topic. I've seen incredible musicals like Crowns and A Color Purple that blew my brain right out of my head (ew).

I would figure that if you cast a singer to portray one of the greatest voices, you would find someone who can really sing. Considering that Oakland has a large African American community, you figure it wouldn't be that hard. How many female gospel singers live a stones throw away from San Francisco?

Anyway, the singing was what I decided to focus on in my review. Other reviewers tore down the acting, the directing and the blocking (yes, it was bad, folks). But I would be very interested to see what you think of my review, even not seeing the show (don't please, save your money). Was I TOO nice? Did I say anything below the belt?

Read my review here

Thanks for reading by the way, I am so lucky to have such awesome fans.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy 30th birthday to me and perhaps the worst Beatles song ever written

Today is my 30th birthday! I'm happy to leave the 20's behind and start acting like and adult. HA, yeah right.

I know a couple other people with my same birthday (I was with one of them last night at midnight and we sang to ourselves) and in an attempt to wish them a happy birthday, I remembered the Beatles' song "You Say it's Your Birthday." I never really thought about it, but this is a pretty terrible song. Thanks Paul McCartney.

For my birthday I've arranged for Billy Joel and Elton John to personally serenade me, my Mom, my Dad and 25,000 of my closest friends at the Oakland Coliseum. Can't wait.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Sleeveface: an awesome blog

I've noticed that has been getting more creative lately. I wanted to share some of my favorites with you.

Sleeveface: one or more persons obscuring or augmenting any part of their body or bodies with record sleeve(s) causing an illusion

Follow Sleeveface on twitter.

Friday, December 25, 2009

A retro Xmas day

I just thought ya'll would get a kick out of this. I did.

In preparation for the more food I'm going to consume today I took a walk around the lovely Lake Merritt in Oakland, California today which I live close to. I wanted to bring some music, so I grabbed my CD player a couple of CDs (Depeche Mode's Music for the Masses and Doves Kingdom of Rust if you must know) and threw them in this awesome cassette tape bag my brother and his fiance gave me for Hanukkah.

Does this make me a hipster, retro or just lazy that my boss gave me her old Nano mp3 player months ago and I've not uploaded my music on it yet?

Also, I own one of these tape players. I do my interviews on them.

Have a lovely day, people.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Interview with Pomplamoose!

Hello everyone! Last week I got to do an interview with the band Pomplamoose. They are sweet genuine people and I learned so much from them. I posted an interview in three parts on Check it out.

I wanted to stress that if you are a musician or have friends that are struggling musicians, tell them to read this interview (at least the first two parts). Nataly and Jack of Pomplamoose are supporting themselves on their mp3 sales! Of course they are also talented and charming, but they've made the internet really work for them. They're doing so well they're even looking for a personal assistant to help them with day-to-day administrative tasks.

If you are in the Bay Area next weekend, Pomplamoose will be playing a show at the Brainwash Cafe on Friday November 13th.

Read the interview

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And now, a special 'hello' to all of you at

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pomplamoose says hello to all of you at Always More to Hear

I had the pleasure of meeting Nataly Dawn and Jack Conte of Pomplamoose last night in San Rafael and yes, they are as adorable in person as they are in their videos. I brought a camera to prove to you all that I had indeed met them, but totally forgot about it until I got in the car. So they made me this little video for us (like a radio station does where famous people say who they are and thanks for listening) and sent it over.

The interview will go up next week to help promote the second EVER Pomplamoose live show: (San Francisco at the Brainwash Cafe on November 13th!) But I couldn't wait to share this video with you all. Wanted to do it now.

Happy Birthday Nataly!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BLOG! There will always more to hear

Over two and a half years ago I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Master's degree in Ethnomusicology. After years and years and years of thinking, talking and writing about music I felt a deep void in my daily life as I went out to find "normal" work. After months of sending out emails and emails and emails of cool videos, I started thinking about a blog to spare my friends from spam.

In celebration of Always More to Hear being one year old, I've put together a top 10 list of my and your favorite entries. Click on the link to enjoy:

In no particular order:

1) Tenacious D at Outside Lands Festival photo essay - I did not mean to blow your mind.

2) The Story behind "Tequila": The Champs, Danny Flores and Pee-wee - such a great story, and such a great scene.

3) "Single Ladies": The choreography of Beyonce and Gwen Verndon - I didn't start the debate, but I might have been one of the first to notice it. The videos might be wonky, youtube shut most of them down!

4) Interview with Battlestar Gallactica's composer Bear McCreary - This interview was serendipitous as it was my first article.

5) Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 Look Around LP cover collage - Love this LP cover. I think I might frame it one day.

6) The fabulous MJ vs. Beatles debate - I still don't think most people really understood what I was saying. There was also quite a debate among those that commented.

7) Why the women of the world need more Susan Boyles - Her album is coming out!

8) Always More to Hear is used as a teaching tool at the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp

9) The Accolade and Souad Massi: Muslim Women making music within and without Islam - these women are inspiring to me.

10) Sonseed: "Jesus is a Friend of Mine" - Just watch it.

A special thank you to Greg Laswell for finally getting me motivated to actually start this blog after coming home from his show one year ago. Here's his video "How the Day Sounds"

And 'cause it's my blog and I like it, I give you Eddie Holland's (of Motown) "Jamie":

Thanks for reading everyone! And look forward to another year of postings. I look forward to writing them.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Always More to Hear one year anniversary!

Always More To Hear turns 1 year old on Thursday!

What have been the best posts? What have you likes? Dare I say what you haven't liked?

I'd love to post a "best of" on Thursday. So please do tell me!

I write this blog for my sanity, but I really do this for you. So I take your suggestions very seriously.