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Friday, October 15, 2010

Sesame Street wins again, and again: "I Love My Hair"

Despite the Katy Perry debacle, Sesame Street (via facebook) has been doing some very smart, pop-culture savvy, progressive things lately. And riding the tails of my Esperanza Spalding article, I'd like to help celebrate accepting and loving what you got on your head and workin' it like a rockstar.

And just for fun, Sesame Street's recent parody of Isaiah Mustafa's brilliant and hilarious Old Spice commercials. Proves that Sesame Street is hip. Love it.

I'm on a horse, MOO! cow.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Relentlessly Cheerful Art - Pop Art icon pairings

'Bein' Green'

Kirk Hamilton posted a link on facebook today for James Hance's "Relentlessly Cheerful Art." Had to share. You can buy prints for $10 (or originals for around $250 which is actually pretty reasonable, if you can swing it). See more at his website. The titles are really cute too.

'The Flower Of The Force II'

'The Dark Starry Knight'

'These Are The Droids We're Looking For'

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Scenes From An Alternate Universe Where The Beatles Accepted Lorne Michaels’ Generous Offer

Imagine a world where the Beatles continue to make music well into the 80s and 90s and work to change the world for the better - together - until they were old men.

Thanks Greg for tweeting about this. It made me way too emotional for a Wednesday morning. But I loved it!


My favorite part: A battle of the bands on the Muppet Show with the Electric Mayhem:
The episode [where the Beatles appear] is the highest rated episode of The Muppet Show in the show’s history and the most watched television program of the entire year, beating even the news coverage of the 1980 American presidential election. The undisputed highlight of the episode is the “battle of the bands” between the Beatles and the Electric Mayhem (although Starr says his duet with Fozzie the Bear remains his personal favorite moment). Jim Henson would later say that the Beatles episode “rejuvenated” his joy in working on the show, which by that point he had begun to feel was growing stale: the show continues for another seven seasons.
Read the rest here

(I'm noticing that I post a good deal about Muppets... interesting)

Monday, October 13, 2008

I especially love Muppets at 5am

I'm up at 5am because I'm still on Australian time and this is making me very, very happy. 

Thanks Sarah!

"I've never seen anything like that before!"
"And with any luck I'll never see anything like it again! Haaaa ha ha!" 
"Play it again!"
"Oh, right..."

-Statler and Waldorf (the two old man puppets that like to heckle)
How about Gonzo, Camilla and Strauss' "Blue Danube Waltz," in "Classical Chicken":

And just because I can't get enough... 
"How many hits did that thing receive?"
"Unfortunately not enough to kill it! Ah ha ha haaa!"

-Statler and Waldorf