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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Awesome musical moment: "Nicotine and Gravy" by Beck

You know those moments in a favorite song that you just want to play over and over and over again? And it NEVER gets old? I have favorite songs that never get old, but this is really more specific.

This particular moment has become a joke between my brother and me, and between other friends. Every time I hear it, it makes me happy.

Beck's Midnight Vultures from, 1999, (it's over 10 years old, WOW) has a fabulously silly, funky, energetic vibe all the way through it. It was my favorite CD to cook dinner to while I was living in a co-op in undergrad and now it's great for driving.

My favorite moment? At about 3 minutes in (on this youtube video) there's an instrumental breakdown and Beck screams something that you just can't make out, something like:

Ellaba, mugumweeeYEAAHHHHHH!!

check it out, click to 3 minutes in. Is he actually saying anything?

I know, it's ridiculous. I LOVE IT!

Makes me happy everytime.