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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Gospel CD mixes

The cover of my Gospel Music double disc mix with artist help from Elisabeth Rene
Back in December of 2010, I spent some time in the eco-village of Lynchdoche near Capetown, South Africa. I volunteered there, hanging out with the kids, pretending I knew something about gardening, and having a blast spending time in a country I had always wanted to visit.

I was in love with the music, fascinated by the history and curious to know the state of a country that was only 16 years (at the time) out of Apartheid.

One of the amazing things I got to do was visit Joya Homes, an "unofficial" orphanage, about an hour away. This orphanage is not supported by the government financially. Instead they have become a Section 21 Non-Profit Organisation, accepting donations.

Lydia Tom had a few kids of her own, but she started to take in other kids that needed help. When I was there, I believe there were about 18 children living with her. They relied on what others gave them. Some of these children where found in trash cans, some of them on doorsteps. Some of them are HIV positive. They were well behaved and sweet as can be.

I gave one of the teenaged boys my shoes and entertained the idea (just for a second) of taking one of the babies home with me, until reason set in. When I got back to California later and celebrated my 31st birthday I asked my friends to donate money that we could send to them. I hope they were able to buy something they needed and/or enjoyed.

In one of the last Joya Home newsletters, there was a request for money to buy Gospel Music CDs and DVDs. I sent an email asking if I could make them some CD mixes of American and South African Gospel music. They answer was yes, so I did. I had a blast making these.

The cover of my Mahalia Jackson CD mix
Because I wrote my Masters Report about American gospel music, I have collected quite a bit from the 60s and 70s, Mahaliah, Sam Cooke, the Dixieland Hummingbirds and more. And of course because I love to collage, I made some covers that I am REALLY proud of, and got to hang with my amazing friend Elisabeth Rene who provided help with lettering and decoration.

I hope the kids like them. Selected song lists found below. As usual, let me know if you'd like me to make you a copy.

The cover for the Soweto Gospel Choir's 2005 Voices from Heaven

Make a Joyful Sound – A Gospel Mix CD 1
1. Come and Go To That Land - Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers
2. Amazing Grace - Blind Boys of Alabama
3. Touch Me, Lord Jesus - Angelic Gospel Singers
4. Let's Talk About Jesus - Bells of Joy
5. When the Saints Go Marchin' - In Blind Willie Davis
6. Let Me Lean On You - Brooklyn All-Stars
7. I Won't Be Back - Caravans 
8. Bedside of a Neighbor - Dixie Hummingbirds
9. Swing Down, Chariot Golden - Gate Quartet
10. He's Got the Whole World in His Hands - Mavis Staples
11. Nothing Can Change Me (Since I've Found the Lord) - Pilgrim Travelers
12. Highway to Heaven - Professor Alex Bradford
13. Peace In the Valley - R.H. Harris
14. God Is a Battle Axe - Sallie Martin Singers
15. Rock Me - Sister Rosetta Tharpe
16. Feel Like My Time Ain't Long - Soul Stirrers w/ R.H. Harris
17. Dry Bones - Stars of Faith 
18. Working On a Building - Swan Silvertones
19. This Heart of Mine - Two Gospel Keys
20. Lift Him Up, That's All - Washington Phillips
21. Blind Barnabus - The Golden Gate Quartet
22. Down By The Riverside - Sister Rosetta Tharpe 
23. Oh Happy Day - Edwin Hawkins 
24. We Shall Overcome - SNCC Freedom Singers w/ Pete Seeger

Make a Joyful Sound – A Gospel Mix CD 2
1. Last Mile of the Way - Sam Cooke with the Soul Stirrers
2. Sit Down Servant - The Staple Singers
3. I'm Sealed - Dorothy Love Coates & The Original Gospel Harmonettes
4. What a Friend We Have in Jesus - Aretha Franklin
5. He's Worthy
6. Every Day Will Be Sunday (By And By) - Dorothy Love Coates                                                            and The Original Gospel Harmonettes
7. Swing Down, Sweet Chariot - Spirit of Memphis
8. Wade in the Water - The Staple Singers
9. Steal Away - The Harmonizing Four
10. Let's Go To the Programs - Dixie Hummingbirds
11. Will the Circle Be Unbroken - The Staple Singers
12. I'm Willing - Albertina Walker/Caravans/I. Andrews
13. Move Upstairs - Bessie Griffin & W.H. Brewster
14. Hallelujah - Farifield Four
15. Go Tell It on the Mountain - Montreal Jubilation Gospel Choir
16. Christ Is All - The Soul Stirrers
17. You'd Better Get A Move On - Louise McCord
18. Shadrack - Pure Gospel Chorus 19. By and By (part 1) - The Soul Stirrers & R.H. Harris
20. God's Unchanging Hand - Church in Como, Mississippi
21. Samson and Delilah - The Staple Singers
22. Do Your Thing - Marion Gaines Singers

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mix: New Orleans playlist on Spotify

Big Easy: music about and from New Orleans - click to link to spotify!

I think I've finally figured out the best way (for the time being anyway) to share my mixes with the world: SPOTIFY! I'll be posting playlists/mixes every Monday.

My Mom recently went to New Orleans as part of a volunteer trip and she's been inspired to throw a New Orleans party, and asked me to put some music together. This mix is WAY too good not to share.

In it you will find tunes that my parents specifically asked for, and some stuff that I've either performed, studied, or just plan old like.

What I love about New Orleans music, more than any other regional "genre" is its sense of fun. With names like "Cissy Strut" and "Ooh Poh Pah Doo" there's just this feeling of silliness. And this mix certainly capitalizes on that.


Monday, June 13, 2011

Lemonade Stand: a summer mix

My roommate attended the quarterly San Francisco Mixtape Society party yesterday. I could have gone, but I know how crazy I get about things like that. I get... well judging from the fact that I'm totally of Pandora and I make playlists now every week, I would say that obsessive would be the word. I have to know what every song is, and sometimes even look it up.

But my roommate asked me for some advice to get the creative juices going, and then she showed me the mix she walked out of the party with made by a random person named Amy (Hi Amy!), and I just couldn't resist making my own (but inspired by Amy's).

I could be talked into attending the next one.

So in celebration of the freezing cold winters we have here in San Francisco (I actually quite like them), I give you Lemonade Stand: a summertime mix.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Silly Little Love Song Mix for Conspiracy of Venus (and a show!)

A mix of cheese-tastic love songs

I've been keeping myself super busy lately with three different ensembles. One of them is the 40 women community chorus Conspiracy of Venus. I sung with them a few years ago and rejoined earlier this year. Tomorrow night is the last show of the season and will be my first show singing with them (I'm still learning the music).

We are currently look for new songs to sing for next year and Joyce, our conductor/arranger really wants to perform some straight up love songs since we basically don't have any! So I made a mix of some of my favorite cheese-tastic, silly, love songs.

If you'd like to check out the Conspiracy of Venus show tomorrow night at the Rickshaw Stop, details are below the playlist.

MONDAY MAY 30TH - Memorial Day
SeaweedSway & the Songbird Festival Present:
Dustin O'Halloran w/ the Magik*Magik String Quartet
+ Conspiracy of Venus
at the Rickshaw Stop!
8pm doors / 9pm show. 155 Fell St, SF, CA 94102

We go on first at 9pm.

Tickets: $15

If you're not familiar with the choir, we are an all-women community choir singing songs by tom waits, leonard cohen, joni mitchell, bill withers, bjork, & the pixies, to name a few...

See the SF weekly writeup for this piece about the show.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Bobby! A playlist of Dylan covers

Happy 70th Birthday Mr. Zimmerman!

I've always been in awe of your songwriting, however, not so much your singing. So here's a very short playlist selection of folks singing your songs (so that you don't have to), and I mean that with all due respect.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Blaze's Mix Tape: a 2003 hip-hop mix made by an 11-year-old

Anything made by a kid is awesome. Anything this cool made by a kid is priceless.

From 2003-2004, I interned for Smithsonian Folkways in Washington D.C. Folkways is the Smithsonian's record label and one of the few places an ethnomusicologist can find a job outside academia. The label publishes new and archival recordings of everything from American folk music to "world" music. Lucinda Williams started off on Folkways and they usually win some sort of Grammy every year since so few labels do what they do.

I worked with some really knowledgeable people, both interns and staff members alike. One day I had a conversation with one of them about hip-hop, and I confessed that I didn't know much about it (I still don't). My colleague said that his 11-year-old son loved hip-hop and would probably make me a mix if I wanted him to. And guess what, he did. And it's time to share.

Why I love this:
  1. The AWESOME kid handwriting
  2. The fact that this kid's name is Blaze, and he names the mix after himself.
  3. He calls this CD a mix TAPE (Must have hip parents).
  4. The CD packaging was a piece of white paper, taped together.
  5. Blaze is totally into Kanye, Snoop Dogg, Nelly and Ludacris, so watch out!
I pieced this mix together from I couldn't find everything and replaced a couple things, but I hope you enjoy it.

Blaze (if that is your real name): Thank you, wherever you are... probably in college by now.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Music of Brazil Mix

New mix! I made this for my brother years ago and even posted the collage cover, but now you can download it. It's got some tunes from the City of God soundtrack, some foró, funk, rock, samba, bossa nova. Lots of good stuff.

Click here to download

1 No caminho do bem - Tim Maia
2 Panis et Circenses - Os Mutantes
3 Que Bloco E Esse - Ile Aiye
4 Sonho Meu (with Gal Costa) Maria Bethânia
5 Margarida Perfumada (Live) feat. Caetano Veloso - Carlinhos Brown & Cicero Menezes
6 Toque De Timbaleiro - Nem Cardoso
7 Mama Africa - Chico César
8 Asa Branca - Luiz Gonzaga
9 Girl from Ipanema (with Stan Getz) - Joao and Astrid Gilberto
10 Sem Essa #5 - Jorge Ben
11 Mangueira - Seu Jorge
12 Motumbá - Timbalada
13 Ponta de Lanca Africano (Umbabarauma) - Jorge Ben
14 A Deusa Dos Orixás - Clara Nunes, Romildo/Toninho
15 Desaforo - Fala Mansa
16 Meu Guarda-Chuva - Paula Lima
17 A brisa do mar - Olodum
18 Samba da Bencao - Bebel Gilberto
19 Na rua, na chuva, na fazenda (Casinha de Sepe) - Hyldon
20 Metamorfose Ambulante - Raul Seixas

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Austin, Texas Mix

This is a mix I made in 2007 when I worked at the Hatbox, a hat store in Austin on 6th Street, during South by Southwest. It was super fun putting hats on music industry folks from all over the world. David Boreanaz (from Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Badly Drawn Boy came in to browse around.

I added a couple things that have come out since then like the Maneja Beto tune. All of these songs are upbeat, suitable to be played loudly in a retail shop.

Click to download

1. Something Good - LZ Love
2. Toot Your Whistle - White Ghost Shivers
3. You're Gonna Miss Me - The Thirteenth Floor Elevators
4. Big Fat Mama - Pinetop Perkins
5. Darlin' I'll Do Anything You Say - Junior Brown
6. Don't Wanna - The Asylum Street Spankers
7. Ritmo del Tambo - Grupo Fantasma
8. Stuck in a Crowd - Alpha Rev feat. Casey McPherson
9. City Song - Kathy McCarty
10. Mr. Atom - Liz Pappademas
11. Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble
12. Solo Quisierea - Maneja Beto
13. Truck Driver - Scott H. Biram
14. Call Of My Heart - Toni Price
15. Bloodless Revolution - Carolyn Wonderland
16. Let's Talk About Jesus - Bells of Joy
17. Take The Fifth- Spoon
18. When She Walks Away - Alejandro Escovedo
19. The Lost City Of Refuge - …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead
20. Cariño (First Date Mix) - Ocote Soul Sounds

New Mix: Music for Yoga

Yoga Mix - Music obviously makes a big difference to me in yoga classes. I get bored easily, and if the music is boring, I'll tune it out and just get more bored. But there have classes where the teacher picks interesting music, and I'll come back just for that.

This mix is full of luscious and calming music that I would love to hear during a class. But it's also just a calming, mellow mix. I know some of you are yoga teachers, so I figure you might want to add some of these tunes to your ipod.

Click to download

1. Ave Regina Caelorum – Dufay (Seattle Pro Musica)
2. All is Full of Love remix - Bjork
3. Scarborough Fair/Canticle - Simon & Garfunkel
4. Sodade - Cesaria Evora
5. Strange & Beautiful (I'll Put a Spell on You) - Aqualung
6. Hypnotist - Built For The Sea
7. Many Seasons - Kacey Johansing
8. Mouneïssa - Rokia Traoré
9. Singing Softly to Me - The Kings of Convenience
10. Heartbeats - José Gonzalez
11. All You Ask - Magnet
12. From The Depths / Mi'ma'amakim - The Idan Raichel Project
13. Almost Everything - Raya Yarbrough
14. Take My Hand, Precious Lord - Mahalia Jackson
15. Angels - Wax Poetic feat. Norah Jones
16. Ice - Sarah McLachlan
17. Fields of Gold - Eva Cassidy
18. Sirata - Habib Koite
19. Love Is Blindness - U2
20. The Song Of The Sybil - Dead Can Dance
21. Kol Galgal - Shotei HaNevu'a

Friday, November 5, 2010

Portland travel guide GIVE AWAY! My playlist featured in Shelf Unbound Magazine

Shelf Unbound Magazine ran a story about Serena Bartlett's GrassRoutes' Urban Eco Guide to Portland and they put together the Portland Playlist I developed for the book. (Something I was going to anyway!) Thanks Shelf Unbound!

You can download this list from iTunes!

If you'd like to enter to win this book, leave a comment. And make sure you identify yourself!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Always More to Hear featured in the GrassRoutes Travel Guides and at the Hear it Local launch party!

Things are getting exciting over here at Always More to Hear!

Serena Bartlett's GrassRoutes Travel guide's to Portland and Seattle feature my mix tapes exploring a taste of music that has come out from those cities. Here I am on the new GrassRoutes website!

The GrassRoutes guides (also including Olympia, San Francisco, Oakland & Berkeley and the Northern California Wine Country) are basically all about "green travel" and how to either be a tourist in your own city or learning where the locals go when you are in a new city. The guides feature businesses and organizations that contribute to the sustainability of local economies.

Learn more about the GrassRoutes Guides here.

Also, Hear it Local in the Bay Area is up and running (it is also in the Twin Cities and Boston)! On August 18th at the 111 Minna Gallery is the official launch party (join us if you're in the area!) and Always More to Hear is an official event partner. I am providing the playlist between performances by Nice Guy Trio, Quinn Deveaux and Kelly McFarling with Jonathan Kirchner. Chasing the Moon will screen the newest podcast and there will be exhibits by photographers Niall David and Audra Marie Dewitt. Tasty treats will be provided by Brokeass Gourmet. It's going to be so much fun!

My playlist will feature a variety of some of my favorite local Bay Area music.

Respond to the facebook invite here.

It's been really fun working with my friends to help make our cities more enjoyable! I can't wait to do more.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Indie" workout mix!

If you're like me, the music you listen to while working out greatly affects the quality and enjoyment of whatever you're doing. So: I made a mix of all of my favorite high energy "indie" songs. I've be listening to this playlist for the last week or so, just testing the songs out and I'm ACTUALLY SAD when my time is up on the elliptical.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD! (w00t! I've joined the 21st century!)

Also, enjoy the collaged cover above. Feel free to grab that and put into itunes.

"Indie" is a term I'm using very loosely (hence the quote marks), so don't give me any crap about it!

If you're old school and want a CD, send me your address and I will make one for you. I think this playlist might be a little long to all fit on a CD, but I'll make it work.

If you do download it, please give me some feedback. I would love to hear what songs you did and did not like, especially for working out! This is probably pretty darn good driving mix too.

1) Ashes - Embrace
2) Sunrise - Yeasayer
3) Sweetness - Jimmy Eat World
4) Is It Any Wonder? - Keane
5) My Girls - Animal Collective
6) Red and Purple - The Dodos
7) Bleed from Within - The Music
8) Ciudadano - Maneja Beto
9) Last Embrace - Northern Room
10) White Shadows - Coldplay
11) Grounds For Divorce - Elbow
12) Neighborhood #3 (Power Out) - Arcade Fire
13) Trouble - OONA
14) Smiley Faces - Gnarls Barkley
15) White Palms - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
16) Oh No - At Dusk
17) Days Go On - Greg Laswell
18) Pounding - Doves
19) There There - Radiohead
20) Destroy Everything You Touch - Ladytron


Friday, March 12, 2010

My friend Sarah is an intern at NPR - She wrote this fun gospel music work out mix article

Stephen J. Boitano/Stringer/Getty Images

My friend Sarah from the University of Michigan music school is an intern at NPR and she gets to write blogs for the site here and there (like this one about the darker side/hard rock of classical music). The NPR website has had this fun "work out playlist" column going for a little while and this is her contribution: Your Body Is A Temple: A Gospel Workout Mix. I'm very happy t brag that she got some inspiration from my blog and its playlist over there on the right.

Sarah is a violist and grad student at the University of Maryland.

Read her article and listen to the gospel playlist here.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Preview the new Morning Benders Album: BIG ECHO

The Morning Benders of San Francisco have generously posted their new album Big Echo on their website. I'm digging what I'm hearing so far. Click here to watch the video for their gorgeous Phil Spector track "Excuses."

The Benders have embarked on a nationwide tour including both coasts, South by Southwest, parts of Canada and the Midwest. We'll see them when they'll be passing through the Bay Area and playing at the Independent on Tuesday March 30th.