Monday, June 13, 2011

Lemonade Stand: a summer mix

My roommate attended the quarterly San Francisco Mixtape Society party yesterday. I could have gone, but I know how crazy I get about things like that. I get... well judging from the fact that I'm totally of Pandora and I make playlists now every week, I would say that obsessive would be the word. I have to know what every song is, and sometimes even look it up.

But my roommate asked me for some advice to get the creative juices going, and then she showed me the mix she walked out of the party with made by a random person named Amy (Hi Amy!), and I just couldn't resist making my own (but inspired by Amy's).

I could be talked into attending the next one.

So in celebration of the freezing cold winters we have here in San Francisco (I actually quite like them), I give you Lemonade Stand: a summertime mix.

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