Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday Mix: New Orleans playlist on Spotify

Big Easy: music about and from New Orleans - click to link to spotify!

I think I've finally figured out the best way (for the time being anyway) to share my mixes with the world: SPOTIFY! I'll be posting playlists/mixes every Monday.

My Mom recently went to New Orleans as part of a volunteer trip and she's been inspired to throw a New Orleans party, and asked me to put some music together. This mix is WAY too good not to share.

In it you will find tunes that my parents specifically asked for, and some stuff that I've either performed, studied, or just plan old like.

What I love about New Orleans music, more than any other regional "genre" is its sense of fun. With names like "Cissy Strut" and "Ooh Poh Pah Doo" there's just this feeling of silliness. And this mix certainly capitalizes on that.



Anonymous said...

New Orleans Music is great, mixing some humor and classical music into one which makes it more interesting to listen on. It is like listening on a mini concert where I feel serenaded by sweet mellow music. Really feels great all the time. It is a great thing that New Orleans Music will be played at SPOTIFY every Monday.

mike rosales said...

It is a good thing that New Orleans Music will be played in Spotify every Monday. I really love New Orleans Music because of how they play their music and listening at them is like having yourself watch on a concert with them playing on the stage. Really really great.