Sunday, October 3, 2010

To my readers (and a CD giveaway)


I have a question for you all:
What do I need to do to get you all to start talking back at me? This question is not meant to be a Geeez-why-won't-you-comment thing, but more of a blogger trying to figure out how to make the most of her blog and getting it to be a more interactive place where we can talk about music, which is sort of the whole point...

My posts have not been super interactive and I don't necessarily want to completely change how I do things, but I'd like to try posting more material that will inspire you to share YOUR opinions and YOUR experiences. I know many of you personally, and I think there are folks who read this blog that have found Always More to Hear searching the net I've never met. I would love to hear from all of you! Please introduce yourself!

So I'm going to try some different things and see what works.

I've got some CDs to give away. I'm not sure what they are yet (CDs from my collection and/or mixes), but I'll figure something out. I'll randomly pick a couple folks and send you something.

Tell me: what are you listening to right now and why do you like it?

Maybe post some links so that we can listen?

I'm listening to a Doo-wop box set I bought at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back when I was magically stuck in Cleveland last summer. My friend and former classmate Kathryn works there, so I spent the morning poking around. Doo-wop great driving music and just fun to listen to.

There's stuff on there that shows up on the "Stand By Me" soundtrack, like this gem by The Fleetwoods - "Come Softly to Me"


Mister Chris said...

At the moment, I'm listening to a lot of The Action Design, which I first heard of from Pandora (which has been my usual source of new bands to get into over the past couple of years.) My favorite songs from them so far are Landmines, Connect/Disconnect, and Eyes On Me. I always have a bias toward powerpop, rock, and girl-fronted rock bands, and this just satisfies those needs. Plus, I just really like her singing.

And I've also been listening to Weezer's new album "Hurley." It's definitely better than Raditude in that there's really good songs that are different from their previous albums but also sound like Weezer, in a good way, of course. My favorite songs from that album are "Represent," "Ruling Me," and "Run Away." Their single "Memories" really isn't my favorite song as there's better songs on the album, but I appreciate the thought behind the song.

Unknown said...

I've been listening to the Dirty Projectors and Bjork collabration project "Mount Wittenberg Orca" a lot lately. The whole album is a sort of love song between a family of whales and a "woman on the shore". I love the playful funky harmonies of the Dirty Projectors ladies and the album is just really fun and sweet.

Jamie: said...

thanks for commenting Mr. Chris and Electrobizarre! I will contact you guys to see what kind of CD you'd like (if I do know your TRUE identity! BWAHAHAHAHA!)