Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy 30th birthday to me and perhaps the worst Beatles song ever written

Today is my 30th birthday! I'm happy to leave the 20's behind and start acting like and adult. HA, yeah right.

I know a couple other people with my same birthday (I was with one of them last night at midnight and we sang to ourselves) and in an attempt to wish them a happy birthday, I remembered the Beatles' song "You Say it's Your Birthday." I never really thought about it, but this is a pretty terrible song. Thanks Paul McCartney.

For my birthday I've arranged for Billy Joel and Elton John to personally serenade me, my Mom, my Dad and 25,000 of my closest friends at the Oakland Coliseum. Can't wait.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!

Since I love birthdays and still am celebrating my 51-and-how-the-heck-did-I-get-here birthday, please allow me to send you (and
all who read this) a birthday gift; the gift is the link to a free cover-to-cover read of my book.

It's the story of my amazing Spirit-led journey that began on the birthday that all of my friends forgot! (One of my best birthdays yet!)

Just sign up here: no experts needed dot com. No strings/spam attached, really! (I know, hard to believe these days :-)

It's simply my way of giving back.

Continue the celebration because if you choose wisely, it only gets better!

take care,
Louise Lewis, author
No Experts Needed: The Meaning of Life According to You!

lauren said...

happy 30th!! I hope you get a personal serenade tonight!

Matthew Burns said...

Happy big three-oh! I can't even believe we are this age now...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to 30. It's going to be effing fantastic.