Saturday, November 7, 2009

Interview with Pomplamoose!

Hello everyone! Last week I got to do an interview with the band Pomplamoose. They are sweet genuine people and I learned so much from them. I posted an interview in three parts on Check it out.

I wanted to stress that if you are a musician or have friends that are struggling musicians, tell them to read this interview (at least the first two parts). Nataly and Jack of Pomplamoose are supporting themselves on their mp3 sales! Of course they are also talented and charming, but they've made the internet really work for them. They're doing so well they're even looking for a personal assistant to help them with day-to-day administrative tasks.

If you are in the Bay Area next weekend, Pomplamoose will be playing a show at the Brainwash Cafe on Friday November 13th.

Read the interview

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

And now, a special 'hello' to all of you at

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Anonymous said...

She's really great at what she does.
But what she does is really boring and uninspired. There's zero emotion behind anything she sings; she just channels that old vocal style and calls it a day.
I picture her punching a time card at the beginning and end of every recording session.

shitty indie couple makes shitty indie covers

i have posted this before but the venn diagram between pomplamoose fans and questionable content fans has got to be pretty tight

When they have a kid, which Fraggle do you think they'll name it after?

finally, the incentive we all needed to buy american

Stiff, self conscious arrangements where the aural components are really flat and unshaded and, with the covers, the aspect of "oh, that sound was like this in the original, but they replaced with this other sound here."

to be fair, they fit right in with a hyundai commercial
Is it her blank dead stare, or her obvious lack of anything resembling a personality?

pomplamoose songs are to music as fanfiction is to literature

They should shoot fewer videosongs and more members of Pomplamoose.