Monday, December 7, 2009

Obama on Mel Brooks at the Kennedy Center Honors

Obama said, quoting Mel Brooks in his own words:

"Look at Jewish history, unrelieved lamenting would be intolerable, so out of every ten Jews god designed one to be crazy and amuse the others. By the time I was five I knew I was that one."

Obama commented that most of the best Mel Brooks quotes are unfit to be mentioned at the ceremony. (He must have been talking about, "hey, where the white women at?" Or "excuse me while I whip this out!")

The President also said that he saw Blazing Saddles when he was ten, well under the age limit for the associated rating at the time. You will not convince me that this movie, about a black man taking a leadership position and proving his success with a heroic intelligence, did not leave a lasting impression on the 10-year-old Barack Obama.

There is just something so poignant and beautiful about that.


DrJ5000 said...

Don't tell me, would that make Joe Biden the Waco Kid?

"Look at that..."
"Steady as a rock."
"Yea, but I shoot with this hand."

Mel Brooks is a genius.

Jennifer said...

Do I need to see Blazing Saddles? I like Mel Brooks enough, but this one always looked like a bunch of fart jokes. But if Obama liked it ...

Anonymous said...

Oh Sheriff Bart!!!!!!! You are my hero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
heart, becky