Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Israeli Music - Part 1: Shotei Ha'Nevuah (Fools of Prophecy)

Happy Channukah!  I always feel especially Jewish this time of year, so I figured I'd take advantage by blogging about my favorite Israeli music; something I've been meaning to do for a while.  And there's a certain Texan that I know will be interested...

I'm going to start of this three part installation with a group that my Israeli cousin turned me onto almost two years ago (I can't believe it's been that long since I visited): Shotei Ha-Nevuah or the "Fools of Prophecy."  (their myspace page)

My favorite Shotei Ha'Nevuah song is called "Kol Galgal" meaning "The Sound of  Circle" or even "The voice of the wheel" (Hebrew speakers correct me here, my Hebrew skills have long since declined since my Bat Mitzvah, and I don't trust the internet). It's one of the most gorgeous songs I've ever heard. My aunt said that she's never heard Hebrew sound so beautiful.

The lyrics come straight of the Kaballah, the book of Jewish mysticism:


The sound of a circle rolls upwards from below,
obscure chariots going and revolving

The sound of melodies goes up and down
it goes and wanders in the world.

The voice of a shofar extends
through the depths of stairs,
and the circle spins around.
That's the sound,
the sound of a circle going up and down.

I also found another translation here.

Here is a video someone put together of rather nice beach shots in Tel Aviv.  They have a pretty gorgeous beach actually, one of the nicest ones I've been to that's still so urban. Maybe it helps that it's on the Mediterranean sea... I also found an awesome live version here (with a 100 person choir). 

"Kol Galgal" is nothing like the rest of Shotei Ha'Nevuah's music.  Usually it's more upbeat, and is a sort of "world fusion" (I hate that term) hip hop. I really don't know how else to explain it.

This a tune called "Ein Ani" (No, I):

This is a funny video I found of "Ha'yeladim Koftzim" (The Children Are Jumping ) that some kids made. I just like watching these silly teenagers dance around in funny hats. And WOW do they have amazing hair...

Anyway, stay tuned for a couple more bands and HAPPY CHANNUKAH or happy Christmahanukwanzikah.  

And more importantly, a happy new year.  

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p.p.s. No one took me up on that CD mix that I'd say I would make for you if you wanted.  I was serious about that.


Anonymous said...

i am listening to daka bipardes דקה בפרדס (which means minute in paradise) as i write this. what i like about this band is that they can really fuse the middle-eastern sound with whatever the heck they want, hip hop/reggae etc.

this band helps at least reminde me that israeli music can be and is truly middle-eastern at heart. a lot of people ask me "what israeli music is like" as if the fact that israel is located in the middle-east would have no effect on the kind of music produced in Israel so this band helps bridge the gap a bit.

i would also check out sarit hadad, sheva, hadag nahash.

Jamie: said...

A friend said this:

"Unfortunately, they broke up recently. I saw them a year ago in concert - it was absolutely phenomenal. Kol Galgal is "the voice of the wheel" (ma'agal is more circle), but it's based (I believe) on kabbalah language - so it isn't exactly easy to translate..... or easy to understand, even to Hebrew speakers!"

Jamie: said...

My cousins said this:

"nice one :)

they are really good and they have a very important message to the world.

they are doing their job as Jewish - being "Or Lagoyim"...
bringing the light to others...

let there be light!"

Unknown said...

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