Monday, March 22, 2010

San Francisco, California Mix!

I made this for my friends Diana and Tracie who are both moving away!! *tear* But I know they will appreciate this for their trips.

Ask me to send you one of my mixes (collaged covers!):
New York
Los Angeles, California


lauren said...

super cute!!!

Diana K said...

Well, I can't wait to hear it. How nice of you!

tra said...

awwwww, thanks my dear, I can't wait to listen to it! You're the best!

Unknown said...

I take serious issue with some of the songs on your SF list.
California for sure, but not SF! The Beach Boys and the Eagles are TOTALLY L.A. A place like Hotel Ca. could easily esist down here, but not anywhere north of Goleta! And the Beach Boys? Gimme a break! (One break comin' up!) Surf, man. Maybe in Santa Cruz, but that's totally--and exclusively--a So Cal phenomenon. Malibu, Huntington Beach, the Wedge at Newport, etc. Nobody surfs at McCovey Cove; they just wait there for home runs balls flying over the right field fence!

Jamie: said...

That would be my Dad. He's very serious about his geography. And certainly he has a point, some of these selections are more SoCal than NoCal. But as Tra said, NoCal has beaches and surfers too!

Unknown said...

. . . and, I forgot to mention "California Dreaming" by the Mamas and the Papas." The lyrics go:
"I'd be safe and warm if I was in L.A." Michelle and Cass sing "L.A."! How can anyone be safe and warm when S.F. does NOT rhyme with "I could leave today." and "on a winter's day"?
Hello!! Unless they meant Los Altos! Hey! That's probably what they meant! Los Altos! So the song belongs on your list. Never mind!!

Jamie: said...

I know! I was listening to it in the car and thought "oh crap" this song does not belong on this CD, it's not warm in SF anyway! but it's a good song!! It's warm in the East Bay!