Thursday, March 18, 2010

Gomez: photos from the first night of their San Francisco 3 night engagement


These are awesome photos that my roommate and I took on her awesome camera... I need a camera like this.

To read the recap of the show CLICK HERE.


I've seen Gomez several times live, I guess I just can't miss 'em when they come to town:
1) T-in the ParkFestival Scotland, 2002
2) St Andrews, Detroit 2003?
3) 930 club - Washington D.C. 2004
4) MPR radio show live recording - South by Southwest, Austin 2005
5) Stubbs' - Austin, 2006 (I waited through a hail storm for a good spot for this show)
6) The Ritz - South by Southwest (with the Decemberists) 2009
7) Great American Music Hall - San Francisco 2010

Tom: ""Now we're going to play a song we've never played in San Francisco," says multi-instrumentalist Tom Gray of Gomez. "And we've played a lot of songs in San Francisco. Damn straight that's for sure!"

"Blackie" and Ben

In 2005 when I saw Gomez play on the MPR radio show at South by Southwest, it was 10:30 AM in the morning and somehow I got stuck in the elevator with a couple of them and felt super awkward. I did found out, however, that "Blackie" was living in Michigan for awhile with his wife.

Tom: "This song gets better the louder you sing it!" (about "See the World")

Tom - so glad his hair is shorter than usual...

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