Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy 332nd Birthday Antonio Vivaldi!!

I'm so glad I did not live in this century...just look at that outfit!

Antonio Vivaldi has somehow become my favorite classical music composer. I'm sure it started with his Concerto Grosso in G minor (listen below) being on my music history final in college. The "Allegro," the second movement is so ridiculously awesome. I always equated this music to being the heavy metal of its time with the virtuosity it requires. I remember walking to the lecture hall with this on my earphones feeling totally empowered. "I'm going to ROCK this exam!"

Over the years I've accumulated a few different Vivaldi CDs and compilations and he has become my "brain" music. When I need to concentrate, I put on some Vivaldi. Others choose Mozart for making them smart, I use good old Antonio.

There is something so regal about his music. To me it is soothing.

So, happy birthday old man! And to you readers, enjoy a couple of my favorite string concertos: one in G minor and one in D minor.


Sarah said...

Funny you should mention that Vivaldi's music must have been the heavy metal of his time...I feel the same way! He was my very first pick for my Heavy Metal meets Classical music blog post. :)

I love Vivaldi.

Anonymous said...

I love Vivaldi. Haha and just saw that the previous commenter said the same thing. He's my boyfriend. Thanks for posting!

Jamie: said...

I like it when you guys comment!