Sunday, January 31, 2010

Interview with My First Earthquake and a warm-up Noise Pop show at Cafe du Nord on Wednesday

My First Earthquake jumps for joy for unicorns

I present to you one of my absolute favorite bands of San Francisco: My First Earthquake. I especially wanted to give them props because they donated all of the profits from their downloaded album in the month of January to the Haitian earthquake relief efforts. They will continue taking donations until this Friday February 5th. On Wednesday February 3rd My First Earthquake will be playing a FREE gig (if you RSVP) at Cafe de Nord as an official Noise Pop warm-up party and the 5th Anniversary of The Owl Magazine!

I sent over some random and silly questions just to see what Rebecca, Chad, Andre, and Dave would say, they did not disappoint.

Jamie: So what's your problem with hipsters anyway?
My First Earthquake: We haven't got a problem with them. They got a problem with us? What? Do they wanna fight us? We can take them.

J: How do you feel about the genre term I just coined called "dork rock'? Maybe "geek rock" is better?
MFE: I assume that you're referring to "dork rock" as being the type of music that hipsters listen to and not the music of My First Earthquake. Quite fitting.

J: If you could only wear one item of clothing on stage, what would it be?
Andre: Chain mail. No, wait... Mithril chain mail!!
Rebecca: The shiniest sequins.
Chad: My hyena eating a squid shirt.
David: Snakeskin boots.


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