Monday, April 20, 2009

I've been quoted for the first time!

Read Laurie's article on her tasteful Susan Boyle makeover. She quotes my article down at the bottom. This is exciting!

A fashion makeover for Susan Boyle
Now I am completely guilty of making a first judgement. See my eye is trained to spot good and bad fashion and create ways to change, update, or reinvent. Not only that, but as am Image Consultant, we teach that first impressions are everything and that within the first four seconds of looking at somebody...
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I also wanted to share this article from the UK Times Online where Susan talks about her vocal and physical confidence. I think she's absolutely adorable.

I also wanted to point out that my article has gotten a lot of attention and folks have yelled at me a bit for bad-mouthing Britney. I'm cool with that.

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