Monday, April 6, 2009

Dent May on Daytrotter and mini-interivew

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Check out one of my new favorite artists Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele on the awesome Find sound clips, recorded live for Daytrotter. Also check out my earlier pre-SxSW blog post on Dent.

Mini-interview: I got the chance to say 'hi' to Dent after his showcase at Antone's at SxSW a couple weeks ago in Austin. He's a cute little guy with oversized glasses. I told him I really love his album (it's great driving music) and asked if he had ever been to grad school, since a few of his songs like, Academic Conference, are just too perfect. This is a bit of our conversation paraphrased:

He said, "No, but in undergrad we went to lots of conferences."

"What was was your major? " I asked.

"Southern studies, we would usually geek out to Faulkner."

I guess if your Southern, William Faulkner is a major source of pride and joy. Geeks are awesome. Sometimes I miss being in academia.

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