Sunday, March 29, 2009

Nice things that folks have said about Always More to Hear

"You are a great writer, I especially like how reveal your own enthusiasm for music in your writing. You tell a story and educate, and all with you own voice. I read a lot of writers who hide themselves in the article, but your articles have a personal feeling."

- Brian Berberich, Creator and Producer of Chasing the Moon

"Her blog is written from a place of subjective personal experience of music, which I find far preferable to the tendency of so many music blogs to annoit themselves the Arbiters of What Is Good And Hip In Music."

Says Kirk Hamilton of Murfins and Burlgars

"Can you send me a monthly email of the best international music? ;) just kidding. But seriously, you have such good taste!"


"I continue to be in awe of your blog. Your taste in music is impeccable and I thoroughly enjoy the funky tunes you are sending our way."


"Your range of musical interests is impressive. I don't think that Otis Redding and Palestrina have ever been placed next to each other on a list, nor have Lauridsen and Nina Simone. Plus there's all the artists that I've never heard of. I'm sure it takes a lot of energy to keep that site going, but you convey a sense that you adore doing it."


"Your blog is really inspiring. It has so many elements happening together and your writing is so easy to read but intelligent and full of interesting info."


"Your site looks Fab. I was just going to take a peek while I was checking my e-mail and found myself spending over thirty minutes checking out all the music. Very fun and easy to find my way around even for an old fart like me. Bravo."

-Uncle D

"I'm really enjoying your blog. It's so informative and unpretentious. It's one of the few I always read. Thanks for sharing."


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