Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good ol' Pop Music: Lady Gaga, Lily Allen & Ellen

I enjoy pop music, to a point (SOOOOO sick of Britney). Some "pop" stars are very talented people that know how to milk the music industry with a sellable image.

Right now chicks with attitudes are in: Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Lady Gaga, etc.

I dig what I've heard so far of Lady Gaga's super electro sound. And judging from this live radio performance of "Poker Face," the girl's got some vocal pipes too (and a very strange horrible looking wig complete with a "hair bow").

This is a silly moment on the "Ellen DeGeneres Show" with Ellen and Lily Allen singing Britney's "Womanizer" in the bathroom. I'm amazed that Ellen knows this song in it's entirety.  She's so cute.  (And Lily Allen is cool too, here's a link to her new video "the Fear".)

And while we're talking cute: Ellen's show has a schtick where her celebrity guests go to various places on the studio lot with an ear piece. Equipped with hidden cameras, we watch unknowing service people's reactions as Ellen feeds the celebrities lines. They end up looking like lunatics. 

Here's Dennis Quaid at the studio Starbucks, he gets the barista to sing "Day-O" with him:

Thanks to Lauren for these.

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Lauren said...

you are didnt waste any time. i do enjoy pop music more than i did in the its interesting.