Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Bluegrassalicious!: The Difibulators and The Asylum Street Spankers

Well maybe bluegrass isn't the best way to describe these bands, but old-timey and adorbale for sure. The Defibulators have done well in Austin in the past and even though they call Brooklyn their base, their music is firmly routed in the hills. So are their boots.

They will be playing at SxSW this Sunday and Monday, check out their schedule.

It is possible that the Defibulators might be taking some cues from these guys, the Asylum Street Spankers, one of the funniest, irreverent, entertaining bands out there. The Spankers can sing a gorgeous gospel ditty and then sing a song about loving beer.

They are as classically Austin as you can get.

Check out this video calling out yellow ribbons on SUVs.

The Spankers will be playing Saturday night at SxSW.

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