Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Who is your favorite Beatle and why?

Take a moment to pick your favorite Beatle in the poll over there on the right.  And if you have another moment, please comment and explain why you've made that choice. Be as specific or ridiculous as you want.  

This is a little survey that will hopefully make things interesting on my Band of Boys blog.


Unknown said...

George Harrison as he's the coolest and wrote some of the best or most upbeat of the Beatles songs! Like Here Comes The Sun or While My Guitar Gently Weeps

OH and he could play something like 26 instruments!!

Eco-Savvy Serena said...

Harrison, because hes always been my favorite. Always.

Unknown said...

Then again I always loved Ringo for the name and for being the most random Beatle who was never anyone's number one

Jamie: said...

Laurie said:

In retrospect John for his boldness, his courage, his going against status quo. But as a young woman, gaw-gaw at these guys, their sound and their looks, Paul was the front man who wooed the girls. They both showed their leadership in partnering on writing most of the music and keeping the group alive in the public eye.

Anonymous said...

Ringo was always my favorite Beatle. Paul was too popular. John and George I didn't really come to appreciate until their post Beatles music. Ringo - he had a cool accent, spoke with such an unusual cadence, had an ultra cool name and he played the drums! He was quirky and yet so cool.

I think one of the reasons I wanted to learn to play the drums as a kid was because of him. (Mom vetoed the idea then and I still haven't learned to play, but I still love the drummers!)

Jamie: said...

Okay, so if anyone cares, this is what I think so far:

Paul used to be the most popular among the teeny-boppers. He was the "cute" one. My Australian aunt said all the girls liked him when she was little. They had stickers on their desks of him. But Paul has recently gotten sort of annoying, no?: with his dyed hair, face-lifts and bad projects. And now with the divorce? Poor guy, he's like an actually talented Britney Spears that can't stay out of the news. (He's going to be on the Colbert Report by the way.)

John on the other hand burned bright till the day he died. He never had the chance to sell out. Not that he would have. My brother thinks the world would be a different place if John was still around. Bono has sort of taken over as the worlds humanitarian. John was so popular and therefore powerful. But he's like JFK, always remembered for the amazing things he did. I voted for him. I respect him so much not just as a musician but as a heroic social leader for change.

I think when thinking of your favorite as actual Beatles it's a hard decision. But this decision is also based on what happened to these guys after they were Beatles. Poor Paul. He's become a little bit if a joke. He's done some great things, but the tabloids overshadow it all.

George: he was the thinker, the quiet and more spiritual one. He wrote great songs. He stayed that way until the day he died. It's no surprise to me that he's coming in second.

Ringo; Props to those that choose Ringo! He was the luckiest SOB on earth and he new it! I love him for that. And you know what, he was a good drummer! He kept it simple, there's something to be said about that.

Anyway, keep voting. Thanks everyone!

Jamie: said...

Just found out that lots of girls loved Ringo back in the day. I figure it was either because he was the older one or because he was the constant underdog. When I think about it, he's the outcast in all three movies:

In Hard Days Night he runs away cause he's depressed ("That Boy (Ringo's Theme").

In HELP! he's the one who the bad guys are after.

In Yellow Submarine he gets ejected from the sub and falls to the "ocean" floor and meets all the crazy beings down there like the Kinky Boot Beasts. (wink wink)

It's a running gag about him being the "weird" one and they totally play up that role in the movies. He's the drummer, the drummer is always the bad boy right? Girls probably LOVED that.