Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Oscars: The Visitor and and Slumdog Nominated

The Oscar Nominations are in and two of my favorite films of the year were nominated. 

Richard Jenkins from the Visitor was nominated for Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role. This movie was terrific. Read my initial thoughts after seeing the film here: the musical aspect of the movie really caught my attention.  Jenkins played the dad in Six Feet Under, we love him. I don't think he'll win (he's up against Sean Penn in Milk), but I'm so happy he got a nomination.  He's been a character actor for so long, this must be very exciting for him. 

Slumdog Millionaire, on the other hand, received 10 nominations (and will probably win many of them) including best score and TWO best song nominations for "Jai Ho" and "O Saya."  And you know what that means right? Oscar performances!  And while I'm not a huge fan of M.I.A. (she's got great beats but I just can't get around her voice) she'll probably be making an appearance.  And hopefully there will be dancing. Composer A.R. Rahman is finally getting the worldwide recognition he deserves.

4 Golden Globes are exciting, but this is going to be even better.

Check out one of my former blog entries discussing Slumdog and my favorite Indian film Lagaan, which also happens to be my favorite soundtrack by Rahman.

Here is one of the nominated songs "Jai Ho" 

And a second nominiated song "O Saya" (This one is my fav. I love the percussion)

Anyone think other songs should have gotten nominated? I can't believe I haven't bought the soundtrack yet? What am I waiting for?


~K~ said...

It's funny, because I haven't seen Slumdog Millionaire, and I barely saw any previews (probably because I don't watch TV very often). But I saw a clip on Jay Leno when he had one of the actresses on the show, and I fell in love with the soundtrack just from that 30-second clip. And I got it. And I love it <3.

I love the soundtracks for Devdas (2002) and Musafir (2004) too :-)

Jamie: said...

I should check out Devdas and Musafir. I'll add them to my netflix queue. Have you seen Lagaan? If you like Slumdog, I think you'll like Lagaan. Thanks for commenting Karli! I need to make a mix for you one of these days : )

tsano said...

ok couple things,
first- where can i post unrelated posts, such as the second one below
second- when i click on comments, i don't want the music to stop? is it possible to listen to the 'music i like' while commenting?
third, and the reason for this comment- i love the "music I like"section.

Jamie: said...

1) I don't know if there's a way to have a posting section for comments not related to any specific blog entry. I'll take a look.

2) Yeah, I hate that the music stops too. Sometimes when I'm writing and listening, I open two windows. I'm not super happy about that either. Maybe when I get my act together and learn how to make my own website I can make that an option.

3) Thank you! And thank you for listening! What are you digging right now?