Friday, January 23, 2009

Making Sense of Heavy Metal Band Names

For those that love heavy metal, or those that love to hate it, I say to you: Check out this amazing graphic charting out band names, it's hysterical!


~K~ said...

Hahahaha that's amazing!!

Linda said...

I love it! Haha. My favorite band of all time is on there. Metallica!

Mat Davidson said...

A pretty good chart, but they left out Doom Metal, the darkest of all Metal, the blackest of black. You can't get any more black than that, its like the 11 of blackness.

Notable artists include:

- Boris
- Sunn O)))
- Buried at Sea
- Mordor
- Noothgrush

All hail DOOOOOOOOOM!!!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't Boris more shoe-gaze than metal? Meh, perhaps the lines are blurry.

I also dispute that Faith No More is a religious reference. I think they were talking more about faith in humanity than faith in god. But, I don't have any proof of this. I just like to talk about Mike Patton :)

Since we are on the subject of rock siign language, I will direct you to these guys:,_Love,_Death_Metal