Sunday, October 26, 2008

What's YOUR favorite Beatles song?: Let's get interactive

Hello reader!  I know you're out there, and there are quite a few of you! Thank you so much!  I'm having such a good time with this blog, and I'm so excited that so many of you enjoy reading.

Everyday I think of more and more things to write about, so I won't be going anywhere. As this blog is so aptly named, "there's always more to hear" and I don't see my interest in good music going anywhere.

SO, because I want to hear from you: Here's a question:

What is your favorite Beatles song and why?  Do share.  Please leave your answer as a comment. I know this question is VERY hard to answer, but give it your best go.  Just pick one.

If I had to chose (and this choice might change tomorrow depending on my mood), I would say my favorite is "Tomorrow Never Knows," the last track on Revolver.  Whenever I hear it, I sort of celebrate a little.

Why?  The lyrics are awesome.  They are so indicative of the late 60s and The Beatles' humanitarian pacifism:
Turn off your mind,
Relax and float down stream
That love is all 
And love is everyone
I love the sitar and the use of that seagull like sound which I believe to be a recording of Paul laughing played backwards at various speeds.  I also think Ringo plays one of the phattest drum beats he ever laid down.  I also remember reading somewhere that John told producer George Martin that he wanted to sound like the Dali Lama singing from a mountain top. And George's backwards guitar solo?  How cool!

What's your favorite Beatles song and why?


Unknown said...

AHH trying to think of just one is too stressful! Ones that spring to mind as my all-time faves (and I know they may be the cliqued ones! sorry!) are Michelle, Revolution, Blackbird and Here Comes The Sun. I feel like I've missed out one of my favourites though! Here comes the Sun makes me really happy, it's such a sing a long and is made even better by the fact George Harrison wrote it, and he's just so cool! But I'm going to have to contemplate this further... I'll come back to ya. What a thought provoker! I hope others answer

Anonymous said...

Hard question. Eleanor Rigby makes me teary, as does Blackbird. Across the Universe gets stuck in my head. I don't know...depends on where I'm at in the moment...and right now I think I have too much Pink Floyd in my head to answer this question. But love this blog!
heart, me

The Goods Design said...

I am the eggman - whooo, they are the eggmen - whooo, I am the walrus - koo koo ka choo!
Love your blog! xoxo Alissa

Jamie: said...

Ho Ha, Ho Ha, everybody Ho Ha!

(or "blow pot, blow pot, everybody blow pot!")

Thanks for commenting ladies!

OONA said...

'come together' - it sounds so .... futuristic, so michael jackson...sonically, 10 years ahead of its time.

Jamie: said...

You know I've always loved "A Taste of Honey" I know, it's a schmaltzy cover and maybe lame, but there's something I love about it. Gotta represent the early part of the career right?

Unknown said...

i'd have to say that i like blackbird by sarah mclachlan and fiona apple's across the universe. problem is that, like indian food, i tend to listen to these songs on repeat for like 3 days straight and then need to take a few years off.

Anonymous said...

Helter Skelter.

The first time I heard it, I thought to myself "Who is this? This is great. I need to go buy this."

Yeah, that was 2007. I just recently got into The Beatles, if you can't tell.

Jamie: said...

oh - michael jackson... totally. Nice comparison.

sportscore - I love sarah's cover of blackbird. It's purdy.

Kris- It's never too late to get into the Beatles! First time I heard the Beatles do Helter Skelter I thought they had stolen it from U2 and was very confused...

rmeyers said...

"Twist and Shout," without a doubt, except for maybe "Rain," or "Revolution" T&S just has the energy that made me love rock and roll from a very early age' Lennon's vocals kick ass - probably tied for the best "cover" song of all time = "All Along the Watchtower," but that's a whole nother ball of wax. Anyway, Twist and Shout is definitely my favorite, tied with "I am the Walrus," and "Saw her Standing There" Close second would definitely be "Here Comes The Sun," which is tied with "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Oh! I forgot about "Come Together," definitely my favorite Beatles song.

Robert Tom said...

"I Will." That's a pretty perfect one. I also like anything on Rubber Soul or Revolver.

Jamie: said...

One! I said one! ha! It's fun to see you guys struggle over this. Love it.

Have you heard Daniel Johnston's cover of "I Will"? It's so sweet.

Anonymous said...

I'm like you, favorite song can change from day to day...mood to mood. I'm really into "Something" right now. It just makes me feel happy!

Anonymous said...

I'm going to fully embarrass myself. But "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" will always be my fave Beatles song because it instantly reminds me of my mommy and makes me smile. And that is always a good thing.

Anonymous said...

The Beatles have so many memorable songs, but for whatever reason, since you first asked back in October, "When I'm Sixty-four" has stayed as my pick. It has a different sort of syncopated beat if that's the right term for it, and it's got an extended, whimsical story in the lyrics. Plus, I've always been partial to songs written with lots of flats. Is it because it makes them sound a bit melancholy or off slightly? Not sure. Finally, I like the clarinet in the background - the tones of a clarinet always catch my ear.