Thursday, September 18, 2008

Like Tupac, Mozart keeps writing from the dead

Check out this v ery cool story  about one of my favorite rockstars.  A single sheet of a melody sketch handwritten by none other than the great Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was found deep in the bowels of a French Library in the town of Nantes. 

I love this Einstein-lookin g guy too ( Nantes vice-mayor Jean-Louis Jossic) , don't y ou?  He must be completely over the moon about this. Check out his dorky musical tie!! Love it.


Anonymous said...

This is definitely very cool. I'd like to hear it.

Do you think that guy is wearing a wig?! It looks like he's got dark hair by the ears!

Jamie: said...

Doesn't this remind you of when University of Michigan music theory/jazz professor found the one act Scott Joplin opera "De Organizer" in the African American Studies archives and orchestrated it? I hope they do something like that for the melody.

His hair is so weird. It's still cracking me up!