Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Nile Project - Blog 5 - more photos

With Abuda, the owner of the Fekra Cultural Center

Mo, taking a moment after a swim in the Nile

Ahmed-Said takes a break from playing and singing to dance in full Sudanese costume

Jorga (Ethiopia) plays for the sunset

Spices in the market


Mohsen (Egypt), Makuanet (Ethiopia) and Andres (Ethiopia) discuss

Alfred (Egypt) and Hazen (Egypt) goof around on the Oud

Dina sings with the staff around the Shisha

Audience delight after Mohsen's song at the first run-through of songs

The original spot of the Philae Temple. It was flooded by the construction of the High Dam in the 70s and moved by the UN in the 80s.

Hieroglyphs on the gate to the original spot of the Philae Temple

The current location of the Philae Temple


Ahmed-Said's amazing chicken shirt

Maruf plays whatever this instrument is. Looks like and sounds like a bass Oud, with three sets of double strings.

A Nubian graveyard on Hessa Island.

Hessa Island

Hessa Island

Our river boat

Watering a tree in the desert

Inside a Nubian home on Hessa Island

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