Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Nile Project - Aswan Concert, playing tourist & Open Mic

Alsarah, Mekuanent and Asrat drink some coffee before the show
The concert in Aswan was a super success. The Cultural Center was packed and the crowd had TONS of energy. 

Hany and Ahmed Said

Nyaruach and Meklit 
Meklit dazzles the crowd

Nyaruach brings it

Vocalists have one hell of a time

Ugandan percussion solo with Lawrence and Michael

Gigi (another volunteer), Asrat & me

Bust of a Nubian King

The Philae/Isis Temple

Hieroglyphs from floor to ceiling

Playing music

And of course graffiti from centuries ago before the temple had security.

The Nile Project organized an open mic for a Nubian Village that is located right on the Nile. Locals and Nile Project musicians participated. These kids opened.

Simon plays the didgeridoo.

Akiko taking photos of the crowd

Doctor! (that's his nickname)

Mariam, Gigi and Alsarah 
Dancing with the little girls.

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