Sunday, July 18, 2010

My handmade birthday card to my brother

I make personal collaged cards for friends and family when I can and I'm super proud of this one for my brother's birthday: David Bowie, Stephen Colbert and Flight of the Conchords all rolled into one. My brother scanned the inside of it (it just said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" on the front) and put it on facebook, so I figured I'd grab it and share.

Double click to see it larger.


Dominic Self said...

This is super awesome! :D

Rey Abisan said...

Lovin this! A while back I was looking for a birthday card for a friend. I had zero luck finding what I was looking for. I told a group of friends about this problem one night while we were having a few drinks. We proceeded to get smashed and make up a bunch of greeting cards we found funny. I had been writing down the cards we made up and the next morning I read them. Much to my surprise the cards were still funny even when sober.

Jamie: said...

Glad you like it! Let me just say that my brother effing LOVED it, and so did the people who said the loved it on facebook. Making this was definitely one of my more brilliant moments :)