Monday, August 24, 2009

the Fleet Foxes: covers and originals

Kathryn this is for you.

The Fleet Foxes have exploded in popularity. I must say I like some covers of their tunes more than the originals. But some of the originals are pretty kick ass too.

First Aid Kit of Sweden covers "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song" - teenage Swedish sisters

Kina Grannis (and her sisters) covers "White Winter Hymnal"

The Fleet Foxes (original) "Mykonos"


Anonymous said...

LOVE that first cover. And the second. How much do I want to go sing in the woods now?

Jamie: said...

I noticed that too! There's something very medieval and foresty about the Fleet Foxes.

carol s. said...

you know they're in that bob-dylan-played-by-a-million-people movie, in the richard gere scenes. at least i'm pretty sure it's them, and they're singing in an old foresty town square.

brooke said...

I love this post, and those covers!!

Jamie: said...

Thanks Brooke!