Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Electronic music everywhere, all the time: Burning Man 101

Opulent Temple at Burning Man (photo probably from last year)

The question on the tip of my tongue as I decompress from my first Burning Man experience:

Just because Burning Man is very much based in rave culture, why do all 45 thousand attendees have to settle for electronic music reigning supreme? You’d think that a bunch of creative people in the middle of the desert could get it together enough to make their own music with actual instruments!

What I learned about electronic music from my first Burning Man experience:


Duck Pond DJ Jan Sobel photo by Robin Guido

Duck Pond DJ Kok Chong Photo by Robin Guido

There are more photos on the way, don't worry. I brought my old 35mm point and click camera (there was no way I was bringing the digital), so I'm getting the photos developed today. I'll post them here. Don't get too excited though, I was having far too much fun to document everything.

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Anna Higgins said...

I feel the same way about electronic music. There are lots of electronic artists I love to listen to and some I love to dance to, but I don't find it compelling as a live performance. It reminds me of being in high school and watching my friends play video games. This isn't true of electronic music with a live component like MEN. I could watch JD Samson play with her laptop all night because there are live instruments and singing and theatrical elements besides lighting happening on stage.

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