Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Visitor: wonderful bittersweet musical movie

A quick blog from Sydney...

On the 15 hour plane ride down to Sydney, Australia I watched The Visitor on Quantas' movie on demand. This movie is so sweet and sad, but so joyous at the same time.

It's about a ecnomic professor (the Dad from 6 Feet Under and gym manager in the Coen brothers new movie "Burn After Reading) that has lost all vibrancy in his life until he befriends illegal immigrants Tarek and Zainab, a Syrian percussionist and his Sengali girlfriend who bring a new music into his life.

There is mention of Mozart, Fela Kuti, the African djembe, the Chinese erhu, drum circles in Washington Square in NYC and specific African rhythms.

This is a wonderful movie. Please check it out.


Meeks said...

Music by Jan Kaz-what'sherface??
Am I thinking of the same person.
Anyway - very excited about this and can't wait to delve into some new music.

Jamie: said...

Who? Miss you lady! You must be having so much fun, where the blog!?? : )

Kal said...

yeah its a great movie. i watched it at embarcadero long time back. I liked the director's other movie too! The Station Agent.

I like ur site, unfotunately i cant listen to the music on this site at work, its blocked :-(

keep blogging!


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